LAS Dept.

Las Dept.

ATTENTION: ALL STUDENTS: IF YOU SCHEDULE YOURSELF FOR MORE THAN ONE APPOINTMENT FOR ADVISEMENT, ANY AND ALL DUPLICATE APPOINTMENTS WILL BE CANCELLED. If you are 10 minutes or more late for your scheduled appointment, please note your appointment MAY be cancelled. Advisement is for STUDENTS ONLY no 3rd parties permitted in advising room. LOCATION OF YOUR ADVISEMENT APPOINTMENT: MEMORIAL HALL ROOM 100

Advising for NEW Spring 2018 students will start in November 2017: Continuing students please call the office for assistance.


Copy of current Farmingdale/other college transcripts, copy of degreeworks from website. Please schedule yourself a 60 minute appointment.


  1. You must be an ACCEPTED student at Farmingdale State College. 2. You must have PAID your $100.00 tuition deposit. You will be unable to be advised and registered until this is paid. 3. You must have submitted your Immunization Forms. You cannot be advised and registered for classes until your immunization forms are submitted. 4. You should bring student copies of any and all:
    high school/college transcripts SAT/ACT scores including essay score from SAT/ACT, AP/IB/CLEP scores.